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Our Shutters

All of our shutters are made bespoke, to perfectly suit your windows. This lends your home an amazing high-quality finish, that you'll love from inside, and a striking kerb appeal which will turn heads. Shutter to front facing windows can really enhance the look of your home. Give your friends, neighbours and onlookers Shutter Envy and call us today, to help turn your house in to the home you deserve. 


Our shutter ranges are available in five different louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm, meaning you can select the perfect size for you and your windows. Each individual panel can be independently adjusted to filter the light giving you complete control.

Shutters offer unique levels of light control and privacy, and we have several options for tilting the louvres according to your needs and mood. The classic tilt rod system has an authentic, timeless feel, whereas the silent tilt option, with its hidden mechanism for moving all the louvres together has a clean, minimalist feel. For ultimate luxury and convenience, we have a fully automated option, which will adjust the louvres at the touch of a button, or to any pre-set schedule.

Shutters offer a good insulation for controlling temperature compared to other types of window covings. With the louvers closed upwards, this can trap most of the heat inside the room while eliminating drafts during the winter. Or shading the room from the power of the sun and again controlling the temperature inside during hot days.

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