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Shutter Materials

Antigua MDF

Untitled design (4).png
  • Entry level shutter product

  • Strong and robust

  • 9 Colour pathways

  • Polymer-coated

  • Long lasting, hard wearing finish

Java - ABS

  • 100% Waterproof product

  • Ideal for wet areas, including shower rooms

  • 22 Colour pathways

Bermuda MDF / ABS

Untitled design (3).png
  • MDF frame with ABS Louvres

  • Light weight

  • Easy clean

  • 22 Colour pathways

  • Polymer-coated

Fiji / Samoa - Hardwood

Untitled design (7).png
  • High-grade premium hardwood panels and frame

  • 50 colour pathways, including stained and painted finishes

  • Special shapes

  • Custom-colour option 

Cuba - MDF / Hardwood

  • Hardwood Panels and MDF Frame

  • Combines the strength of an MDF frame with the lightweight benefits of a hardwood panel

  • 22 Colour pathways

All of our shutters and materials, from MDF to wood, are of the highest quality, given to you at an affordable price.

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